located at Coquina North Boat Ramp
Address: 1507 Gulf Dr S, Bradenton Beach, FL 34217
where charters depart from. Addition to hookah dives, Sanddollar island Tours offers traditional charters for up to six people, as well as dolphin charters and eggmont key trips.

Come see what you’re missing

Our Dolphin tour is 60.00 a person you can add hookah snorkeling for 20.00 a person



No Scuba Diving Certification Needed

No need to be scuba certified for this type diving, anyone can do it.
Normally when diving you would need heavy tanks and heavy gear, with our diving you don’t need any of that.
Which allows you to maneuver in the water much easier and allows you to stay down longer without worry about
using up the air. You can truly enjoy, the water. Then if you love diving you can get certified and dive
anywhere in the world. please come early there is a video and release form.

Hooka Rig (Tankless Diving also known as snuba)

We use a hookah rig system which is a compressor on our boat.
It pumps air through a filter down to 6 air lines that are 100 feet long.
We believe this type of diving is very safe because you are attached to the boat.
6 people can go under at a time. Its a great way to try diving before getting certified.
Or if this is a bucket list thing you will only do once.

Easy and Safe

A fun and easy way to experience diving for the first time.
In our experience kids can do this type of diving without difficultly.
Each one of the hoses is attached to the boat and strong enough to pull yourself back to the boat.
We Sanddollar Island Tours feel this is a safe way to dive. If unable to swim or under the age
of 6 you must wear a life vest at all times on the boat and in the water.


See the Dolphins on a Tour and Get up close and personal with our resident bottlenose dolphins on this fun-filled 2 hour tour! Experience the timeless charm of old Florida, as you travel along the water ways, pristine white beaches. Soak in the breathtaking beauty of the area and the back bay as you coast through the beautiful waters.
Not only can you encounter plenty of playful dolphins throughout the journey, but you may also catch sight of sea turtles, manatees (seasonal), eagles, osprey, and more! Our expert guides have an intimate knowledge of the area and can provide you the best possible views of these beautiful creatures in their natural habitats.
You won’t want to miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to explore and see some of old Florida by water and enjoy a tropical paradise book your dolphin tour online today or call 941-357-3241

Hooka Diving Charters start at 150.00 Per person. Spring break kickoff for a limited time

Our Dolphin tour is

60.00 Per person this includes Hookah snorkeling.

To Book a Boat Tour Call


Or book online on this web page scroll up to the book online

Shallow Water Diving
We do not offer deep diving, the deepest we offer is about 25 feet this is our eggmont dive tour. You will never have to worry about decompressing or any other issues that may occur from passing an atmosphere change. Plus, there is
more light in shallow water which means better color, more brilliant fish colors and more beautiful

Hooka diving

one of those things everyone should experience.
This is your chance to dive without having to go to school to get certified. We show you all the basics. If its something you love,
Then get certified and you will be able to dive with tanks anywhere in the world.

Sanddollar island Tours — Has a small and dedicated staff at Anna Meria Island FL. To help you have the best Hooka Dive experince,
This is the best way to see and have an adventure that is an alternative offering to the underwater life and senrey
at a better cost than standard scuba diving that enables beginners to enjoy shallow water diving in Florida and in a safe, fun the best way to go.

Hookah dives eliminate the need for scuba diving certification or wearing tanks, yet many
of the theories behind using an apparatus to breathe underwater still apply. Hookah divers are
equipped with skin diving gear, weight belt and harness, and breathe from pressurized hoses
attached to a tank and filter for the best clean air giving you a worry free air supplie from the water’s surface.

Hookah, like SNUBA, is a hybrid of snorkeling and scuba. Popular among lobster divers for
extended bottom times and freedom of motion. scuba tanks, the sport also appeals to families
and beginners for an introductory, shallow-water underwater experience that enables you to see and fill
what most miss on there vacation. we allways send you down tith a dive buddies this gives you the securty
and some one to share the amazing and thrilling under water time with stay close to one another.
The minimum age to participate is 8.

A professional provides a safety briefing about the hookah equipment and
its features as well as instruction on performing some underwater skills. The person can then accompany you on your dive
if you request it most use there friend or partner or other participants to accompany them on the dive as there buddy. a crew member is responsible for
monitoring the divers’ air supplies and time. The depth, which is no deeper than 25 feet, with an average of 3 to 10 feet and dive time 45 to one hour under water for most of the diving profile.

Sanddollar island Tours is located at
Coquina North Boat Ramp
Address: 1507 Gulf Dr S, Bradenton Beach, FL 34217
where charters depart from. Addition to hookah dives, Sanddollar island Tours offers traditional charters for up to six people, as well
as dolphin charters and eggmont key trips.